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ACC Basketball Update(3/1)


Clemson 74 Miami 70 (OT)
Maryland 85 Duke 77
NC State 73 Wake Forest 66

Virginia 69 Virginia Tech 56
Georgia Tech 84 North Carolina 77


  • Barring an unbelievable collapse against Wake Forest this weekend, Virginia will win the ACC Regular Season title.
  • UNC can end up anywhere from 2nd to 5th based on if they win or lose and what everyone else does.
  • VT, BC, and Maryland are also in that top five shuffle.
  • Duke can finish no better than fifth and no worse than seventh.
  • NCAA Tournament Prospects:
  • Locks: UVa, VT, UNC, BC, Duke, Maryland
  • Almost there: Georgia Tech
  • Out: Clemson, Florida State