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ACC Tournament First Round: Review

I was wrong. This is nothing like playing the lottery because playing the lottery is way easier than figuring this tournament out. All of the lower seeded teams won in the 1st round which is somewhat shocking when you consider it was the 9, 10, 11, 12 seeds. Also consider it took out two teams, Maryland and Georgia Tech, who were thought to be the hottest two teams coming into the weekend.

#9 Florida State 67 #8 Clemson 66

While I did not see it, I understand that the refs in classic ACC fashion botched a foul call and allowed Al Thornton to win the game at the line. Not that it matters because Clemson decided to stop scoring with four minutes left so what can you say. As for Clemson, they complete their fall plummet from 17-0 and odds on bet for the NCAA Tournament to NIT bound. Have fun trying to keep the NIT title in the state of South Carolina for a third straight season.

#12 Miami 67 #5 Maryland 62

Well so much for all of that crazy talk about Maryland being the hot team in the conference. And honestly they may still be the hottest team in the conference, just as long as they do not play Miami. The other odd thing is the record for the 12 seed since the ACC expanded is now 3-1.

#10 NC State 85 #7 Duke 80 (OT)

Anyone sensing a pattern here? NC State became the third lower seed to win on Thursday by knocking off Duke. Brandon Costner has that "I am upset about the ROY award" look in his eye. Couple that with the fact Duke did not have a soul who could effectively guard him what you get is a huge win for NC State. Engin Atsur was once again very good at the point, there is no underestimating what he brings to the table for this team. Sidney Lowe had the Red Jacket out again and it seems it can win games when it hangs around the whole time.

#11 Wake Forest 114 #6 Georgia Tech 112 (2OT)

Un-freaking-believable. I really cannot recall a game where every big shot went down and two teams answer each other for the last five minutes of regulation and two overtimes. Harvey Hale ended up being Wake's leading scorer by dropping 21 after regulation expired. Hale was insane, Javaris Critteton was out of his mind, Ishmael Smith defied logic both in good and bad ways, and Anthony Morrow nailed an incredible three to send into a second overtime but missed the shot for a third overtime. Georgia Tech may have lost their NCAA Tournament bid since one way of reminding the Selection Committee you lost to Wake Forest is to lose to them again.