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ACC Tournament Quarterfinals: Review

#1 UNC 73 #9 Florida State 58

FSU had very little left in the tank and the Heels came out with a very even attack despite the troubles Hansbrough was having with his mask. By far the easiest win on the tournament so far for anyone.

#4 Boston College 74 #12 Miami 71 (OT)

Overtime for the third game of the tournament so far. Miami should have won the game by all rights but essentially stop being able to make the shots when they needed. Of course it did not help they felt compelled to chuck it from 20 feet out on three straight possessions. BC got a huge game from Tyrese Rice.

#10 NC State 79 #2 Virginia 71

The magic continues for NC State or the rut continues for UVa. Take your pick on that one. Despite being down 14 at halftime in a game that looked like it was getting away from the Pack, NC State rallied behind another great game from Brandon Costner. The same really bad shooting for J.R. Reynolds and Sean Singletary which created all sorts of problems for UVa earlier in the season has seemingly returned. This also could be simply another part of UVA's Southern Swoon Syndrome. In fact Dave Leitao has to be hoping UVa does not end up in New Orleans for the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament since that might be a little too far south for his team's good.

#3 Virginia Tech 71 #11 Wake Forest 52

Wake Forest just ran out of gas which was fully expected after two overtimes with Georgia Tech. The Deacons basically missed all of the huge shots they made on Thursday night. Virginia Tech keyed off their defense in the second half and opened up a two point game. The Hokies won for the first time in ACC Tournament play and now get a shot at their favorite opponent: NC State.