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ACC Tournament Semifinals: Preview

#4 Boston College vs #1 UNC, 1:30 PM

This could be the best game of the day. UNC looks like they are starting to play with confidence and cohesion. The only question mark is how well Hansbrough plays with the mask on in this game. Containing Tyrese Rice will be an important defensive job for the Heels while also keeping Dudley in check. BC will probably play Hansbrough and Wright physical in hopes of disrupting the interior scoring. The Rice vs Lawson battle could be a decider. Heels have a little more in the end.

UNC 76 Boston College 66

#10 NC State vs #3 Virginia Tech, 4:00 PM

Do you think VT was another shot at NC State to redeem themselves of two horrible losses to the Pack? Yeah, I think so too. There are two simple factors here: (1) NC State has to be getting tired and keeping up on both ends with the VT guards will prove difficult and (2) upsetting a team three times in one season is downright impossible. VT takes care of the Pack this time.

Virginia Tech 80 NC State 66