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Ah, That Sweet ACC Tournament

There is honestly nothing better than basketball on all day long. The ACC Tournament kicks off a two week stretch where basketball will be on all day Thursday and Friday. Gotta love it. And like myself you are probably at work and may not be able to catch all the action. So here are a few handy links to track the games and general coverage of the happenings in Tampa.

ACC Official Tournament Central - They have GameTracker for every game which will give you score and stat updates.

Digital Headbutt - Sports blog by a fellow Tar Heel blogger who also runs Tar Heel Mania. He will be live blogging the whole tournament at DH and the UNC games at THM.

ACC Now - The News and Observer blog has some of the best coverage of any media outlet.

David Glenn - Is promising notes and news from the whole four days in Tampa which is always very good.

850 the Buzz/620 the Bull - The guys over there should have excellent coverage throughout the tournament.