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Bill Simmons: The Curse of [UNNAMED ANALYST]

Bill Simmons basically says what we are all feeling about [UNNAMED ANALYST] in pointing out that aside from the a bit of a rabble rouser, he also has been doing the championship of college basketball for three freaking decades. Unfortunately he is not getting any better and as Simmons points out there is not a darn thing we can do about.

Packer's case is different, though. Many people (including me) believe he's a humorless know-it-all and a curmudgeon, and we're exhausted by his schtick. But because he announces the most important college games every spring, he can't be avoided. Hell, these days, thanks to Janet Jackson and the seven-second delay for "live" events, we can't even mute games and listen to radio simulcasts anymore -- the audio never matches up. It's Packer and Nantz or nothing.

So we're left with two choices: mute our TV or grit our teeth. I've tried it both ways and found it's more enjoyable to mute and listen to my iPod. That's my plan through the title game. I'm doing it for my own sanity. No offense, Billy, but 32 years is more than enough.

The radio being out of sync is probably my biggest peeve. I would gladly put on Woody Durham as my father did during the 1993 title game because we were sick of hearing [UNNAMED ANALYST'S] anti-UNC opinions. Of course we turned the sound on the TV up after Chris Webber called the ill-fated timeout because Woody was speaking in unknown tongues at that point and we wanted to confirm what was actually happening. This of course led to one of the more memorable exchanges between [UNNAMED ANALYST] and Jim Nantz.

Jim Nantz: So, what do you think is going through Chris Webber's head right now.

[UNNAMED ANALYST]: Well, Jim, he is such a cerebral young man...

That's right. Chris Webber is cerebral.

Of course I also heard at one point this week that [UNNAMED ANALYST] would be at the East Regional. Please, CBS, I am begging you, send him to St. Louis.