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College Basketball Armageddon 2007, Part II[UPDATED]

What: Duke at UNC
Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: March 4th, 4:00 PM

Records: UNC 24-6, 10-5 ACC; Duke 22-8, 8-7 ACC

As though this game did not have enough riding on it, UNC struggling to find itself having lost two games in a row and a loss here coupled with a BC win would send UNC down to 5th place and a Thursday game in the ACC Tournament. Needless to say the Heels need a win here to right the ship and stop the bleeding as it related to the NCAA Tournament seeding. All of this also comes with rumors swirling around the team about chemistry problems. Such rumors should be taken with a grain of salt and are not unexpected given the problems UNC is having on the court. That being said, the benching of Ty Lawson for the first eight minutes of the Georgia Tech game has set off all sorts of red flags as to what really happened in practice that drew that kind of reaction from Roy. His being on the bench aided the early GT run to take control of the game since Bobby Frasor could do nothing with Javaris Crittenton. This has led to massive speculation about the future of Lawson on the team. I really have no idea what is going on over there. I think when teams are struggling to win, frustrations can biol over and players will get chippy with each other. There is honestly no coach I trust more than Roy to deal with such issues. At the same time if such rumors are true then in my opinion these guys need to grow up and play the game tomorrow from start to finish like their pants are on fire. A huge win can go a long away to curing a variety of ills.

And if that does not happen, the it is 2001 all over again. I just hope this game against Duke goes better than the one on this same day six years ago.

UNC 80 Duke 65


Virginia Tech has lost to Clemson...If the Heels win, they win the ACC regular season and will be the #1 seed on Friday in Tampa.