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Does Billy Packer Enjoy Being Hated?

I have not delved too much into the Billy Packer aspect of "The Foul" mainly because it was an irrelevant point. However as a general commentary about Packer himself I have come to the conclusion that he enjoys being hated. Sunday was another example in his long career of taking up for the side of the argument which will draw the most ire from the fans. Now, if you watch the CBS video, Packer immediately asserts that it was not an intentional foul and that Henderson was going for the ball. You can argue this is honest opinion, which is one of his more endearing qualities. I would argue that Packer loves being on the other side of the argument from everyone else. Just consider in the past 12 months he has complained heavily about the inclusion of mid-majors in the NCAA Tournament, reopened a controversy that was 12 years buried, and now he takes the side of the argument which causes everyone else in the known world to call him a moron.

Of course this is nothing new. I grew up watching Packer and remember my father distinctly telling me that not only did Packer dislike UNC but also the ACC in general. The question is why would Packer make such a persistent effort to be something everyone dislikes? The simple answer is relevance and monopoly. The more Packer is hated, the more his name is out there and he is discussed on message board and blogs. The other side of it is he sitting in the middle of a monopoly. He is a analyst for ACC broadcasts and the NCAA Tournament and no matter how much he might suck as an analyst, it will not affect the ratings because people are going to watch anyway. So short of him sexually harassing someone he will be sitting in that analyst chair from now until the end of time.

Therefore in light of Packer's obvious need to have people hate him in order to garner more attention for himself I will no longer refer to him by name on this blog. From this point forward Billy Packer will be referred to as [UNNAMED ANALYST].