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Ejections Seem to be a Regular Occurence at UNC Games

In what is probably just a very strange confluence of events, the ejection of Duke's Gerald Henderson was the third ejection for a UNC opponent this season. Back during the NIT, Tennessee's JuJuan Smith was ejected for committing a flagrant foul on Tyler Hansbrough. Miami head coach Frank Haith was ejected after receiving two technical fouls during the game in Chapel Hill this season and now we have Henderson's ejection on Sunday.

The odd thing is an ejection are not a common occurrence. In fact if you calculated the percentage of games which included an ejection out of all the games played this season across all Division I, I would imagine it would be fairly small. Yet this season UNC has had an ejection occur in 9.6% of their games. So as we go forward, UNC opponents should be aware that there is a 10% chance someone on their team will be ejected from the game.