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Elite Eight Part I Done

So half the Final Four is in place with Ohio State pulling away from Memphis late to win 92-76 and UCLA benefiting from the fact Kansas could not hit layups won 68-55. UCLA spoils the All #1 Seeds Party everyone was planning for after last night and also enjoyed playing two de facto home games in San Jose, CA. Ohio State, which by all rights should be twice dead in this tournament, made all the plays they needed to make and left no doubt by the time the game came down to the three minute mark.

Now UCLA waits to see if they will either get a second chance at Florida or another matchup with Pac 10 fellow member Oregon. Ohio State likewise waits to see if it will get a second chance at UNC, this time with Greg Oden or a possible meeting with Georgetown which would include a gigantic matchup of seven foot centers Oden and Hibbert.