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Filed under: 10 Most Hated Dukies

Interesting list put together by Thomas Neuman. Of course I always find hate to be such a strong word. I prefer to look at it as "Strongly Disliked to the Point of Revulsion." No qualms with the first four on the list:

1. Christian Laettner
2. J.J. Reddick
3. Steve Wojciechowski
4. Chris Collins

After that my list would differ.

5. Bobby Hurley
6. Greg Paulus
7. Danny Ferry
8. Quin Snyder
9. Shane Battier
10. Thomas Hill

Including Mike Krzyzewski is a waste of space. He has a list all to himself called "10 Ten Reasons Why We Strongly Dislike Mike Krzyzewski to the Point of Revulsion." My disdain for Duke players seems to predicated on the general whiny behavior of their guards which is why I am moving Hurley and Paulus so far up the list. Danny Ferry was just plain annoying during the late 1980's as was Quin Snyder who was also a laughingstock at Missouri. Shane Battier had something about him(besides the flopping) that just grated the nerves. And Thomas Hill? The crying after Laettner hit the shot against UK in 1992 was enough of a reason to put him on the list. I disagree with including Gerald Henderson, Brian Davis, and Shavlik Randolph because they did not really do enough to annoy UNC in general. Henderson needs more time at Duke to really draw some serious dislike. I need more in the way of annoying chest bumping or some kind of signature habit to really get my ire up at him. Davis was inconsequential and I am not sure even Duke acknowledges at this point that Randolph was ever on the team there.