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For The Last Time...

I am going to address this one more time because I am seeing comments scattered on the down posts continuing to talk about "The Foul" and then I am going to ask that we all move along to the games at hand.

1. At no point have I asserted that I thought Henderson committed an intentional foul nor have I asserted that he intended to harm Hansbrough. As far as I know none of the major talking heads from local media in NC all the way up to Bristol have asserted that they thought the foul was intentional. In my commentary on the frame-by-frame post I said that asserting Henderson was going for the ball was problematic since he made no turn towards the ball and that it appeared he swung in reckless manner. Outside of that I have been clear about what I thought happened. And while there are some of my fellow Heels fans who take a harder line on this issue than I do, they are entitled to that opinion.

2. The only salient points here are the force exerted during the act and Henderson's lack of control. It does not matter whether Hansbrough should have been in the game or shooting the breeze with the rest of the starters. It does not matter what was going through Henderson's head. It does not matter whether everyone involved in the incident thought it was unintentional. The only points that matter are (A) Henderson recklessly went swinging without any regard for what he might hit, his own teammates included and (B) that he did so with enough force to knock a 6-9, 245 pound player to the floor while also breaking his nose. It is what it is. It was over the line, it was egregious, the refs administered proper justice and it will be served. The rest of it is poppycock, partially invented by Mike Kzryzewski to redefine the issue and partially because that is the debate everyone wanted to have for reasons that pass understanding.

3. And finally, I apologize if this comes off as a little harsh but I felt the need to clarify my position and state unequivocally that I think it is time to move on here folks.