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Further Thoughts About UNC-Eastern Kentucky

I am still trying to figure out what happened last night and why the Heels looked so incredibly good for the first 10 minutes where the pushed out to a 27 point lead and then had that middle stretch which saw Eastern Kentucky to rally back to within four. I know as well as anyone it is not hugely indicative of anything later in the tournament but it was a little disturbing considering how much UNC was in control. Here are my leading thoughts on the issue.

1. The Tar Heel players being as young as they are tend to take their foot off the gas. It is almost like they expected the Colonels to roll over and take it for the final 30 minutes.

2. The Eastern Kentucky settled down and started to run their offense quite well which seemed to confuse the Heels, especially where the backdoor cuts were concerned.

3. As much as Roy loves to sub freely, I think shuffling so many players in and out may have created some difficulty in picking up on and defending the EK offensive set. There was a hint that everyone was not on the same page as to what they should be doing in defending against Eastern Ky spread offense.

4. Reyshawn Terry is showing that he can be the major X factor. He has been hot since he came into the game against NC State and rattled off eight straight points. If he shoots like that, it will be huge.

5. If the Heels play like they did in the first 10 minutes against Michigan State it will be like the second half in 2005.