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Georgia Tech 84 UNC 77

Marcus Ginyard said it was a now or never thing.

We got our answer and apparently it is never.

Let's understand the implications of this slide here.

A UNC win and a VT loss means 2nd place and a UNC win with a VT win means 3rd place.

If UNC loses on Sunday it potentially could get very ugly. Here is the worst case scenario. UNC loses, VT wins, BC wins, and MD wins. UNC at 10-6 and would finish fifth in the ACC in a season which we have been told time and time again that this team was the best in the ACC by far and in a class by themselves.

I do not have any answers. It is what it is at this point. It will either get better and UNC will starting playing at a higher level or they will remain stuck in this rut and we will all be shaking our heads wondering what the heck happened.