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More ACC Championship Thoughts

UNC's ACC Championship drought is over.

  • Brandan Wright was the ACC Tournament MVP having three great games in large part because Tyler Hansbrough was somewhat ineffective. Wright was magnificent in his first and most likely last ACC Tournament.
  • You simply cannot say enough about what Reyshawn Terry did when he came off the bench with UNC nursing a one point lead. Terry hit a key jumper, a three point play, and a three pointer to answer a series of NC State pushes. It was the kind of effort you expect from the senior starter and along with Wes Miller's two
  • In the first game against FSU, the Heels could not buy a free throw. Against NC State, UNC could not miss to the point they hit the first 20 free throws they attempted.
  • Is there anyone who does not think had Engin Atsur been healthy all season, NC State could have at least gone 8-8 instead of 5-11? The Wolfpack, as it turns out, is a very good team and I would venture to say that this was not just a team hot for the weekend, they seemed very capable of playing at this level. The shame of it is they did not do it more.
  • Brandon Costner is most definitely the real deal. The question is whether he is back next year(probable) or decided to go pro(possible.)
  • There has been some complaining among NC State fans that Ty Lawson was classless to dunk the ball at the end of the game. In my mind it was one of those "exclamation point" moments and Lawson was not interested in showing up NC State as he was trying to dunk the ball in a game. Look at this way, Lawson is 5-11 and it was clear by the way he ran up and jumped that dunking the ball is a 50-50 proposition for him. It was a celebratory play and nothing more.
  • Roy Williams, who makes no secret of the fact he is not a big fan of the ACC Tournament, won his first ACC title as the Tar Heel head coach. Something tells me he is enjoying himself a bit.
  • The win helped UNC secure the #1 seed and I hope it is a catalyst for the Big Dance.