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NCAA Tournament Friday Night 1st Round Live Blog(Sort Of)

What the heck. I am watching the games and writing some posts ahead of UNC's game tomorrow so why shouldn't I put down whatever comes to mind. This may or may not be a bad idea.

8:21 PM: Virginia Tech vs Illinois

8:22 PM: This is the second time Seth Greenberg has gotten a technical this season. He is a bit of a firecracker

8:23 PM: Wow, the Hokies look horrible. This must be the NC State version of VPI not the UNC version.

8:32 PM: This is an absolutely ugly game. VT has almost zero offense and Illinois just keeps chipping in points. Which is a shame because VT looked very good at points this season and I know for a fact they are capable of being better than being down 10 to Illinois.

8:46 PM: Way to represent Virginia Tech...down 12 here with under eight minutes to go. I wish I had digital cable and HD so I could switch over to another game since this one is clearly going badly.

8:50 PM: New Mexico vs Texas

8:51 PM: I got this game on the MMOD at CBS Sportsline. Technical fouls seem to be the theme tonight as NM coach Reggie Theus who I did not realize was coaching nowadays got Ted up. Texas up nine to my chargin.

8:54 PM: The scoreboard is like a good minute ahead of the streaming video.

8:56 PM: VT vs Illinois

8:57 PM: I will ask again, where was this Hokie team when UNC played them?

8:58 PM: I will be surprised if VT breaks 50. Hokies cannot hit free throws apparently.

9:00 PM: Talk about a horrible call! Deron Washington gets tangled up with a Illini player and then gets a technical foul for it. That is horrendous. Funny thing is, Illinois missed both FTs. Reyshawn Terry is right, the ball does not lie.

9:05 PM: Texas vs. NMSU

9:06 PM: Texas 55 NMSU 52. Yes I am pulling for NMSU here.

9:13 PM: NMSU up by three and Kevin Durant only has three second half points.

9:14 PM: VT vs. ILL

9:15 PM: Holy cow...VT has taken the lead. Illinois looks to be at the end of their rope and the Hokies decided to start making shots.

9:17 PM: Okay, I am watching two games at one here. Kind of fun. VT has taken a two point lead with 17 seconds left. NMSU is up three with 6 minutes to go.

9:19 PM: Washington dives on the floor trying grab the ball and ends up fouling a 61% FT shooter who misses and in the scrum for the rebound VT gets it back with 0.1 left and they win the game 54-52. Nice of you to show up guys even if it took you most of the game. Back to Texas-NMSU

9:21 PM: Texas may be getting ready to push this back out now up five with less than four minutes to go.

9:33 PM: Well, looks like Texas has gotten it in control. I was really hoping they would lose just to derail the Kevin Durant Bandwagon which is so full of people it may tip over.

9:40 PM: Here is an interesting note. Everyone says UNC is young and questions if they can get it done in the tournament with their youth. Texas has five freshmen and two sophomores averaging over 1o minutes a game. So why is it no one calls Texas' youthfulness into question?

9:52 PM: For all of the talk about the parity in college basketball, as far as I can remember this tournament so far has the fewest number of upsets. We have four so far, two #9 beating a #8 and two #11 seeds beating a #6. Looking at the night schedule I am not sure there is one to be had there. And I also noticed that many games have been total routs.

10:06 PM: So guess we are stuck with Villanova and UK....I might end up going to be sooner rather than later if that is the case.

10:18 PM: Jackson State 13 Florida 8. I am sure someone will remind us that #16 seeds are now 0-91 against #1 seeds. Seth Davis said "It is late at night for Florida" Uh, no Seth, it is 9:18 PM in New Orleans which is where the game is being played and not too different to similar 9 PM starts Florida had this season.

10:29 PM: I am watching that Florida score waiting for the other shoe to drop and the Gators all of sudden end up ahead by 15.

10:34 PM: I have missed 1o picks so far in the 1st round and two of my Sweet Sixteen are out. I think the lack upsets is hurting me more than if there were a bunch of upsets.

10:42 PM: Someone must have told Florida they had the national TV audience because they just ballooned a one point lead to eight in about a minute and a half.

10:53 PM: I guess I should not worry about UNC's bad 13 minutes last night seeing that Florida is not ripping Jackson State here.

10:54 PM: I am convinced that a #16 will one day knock off a #1 but I think for it to happen the #16 would have to come out and shoot lights out and with a tempo that limits the opportunities for the #1 seed to do whatever it is they do so effectively. The problem most #16 seeds have is they are hot for 20-30 minutes but then the wheels come off. There are also too many chances they give away which change the complexion of the game.

10:59 PM: I think CBS ought to put a one minute clock up in the corner to let the viewer know they are about to break away to go to another game. It is annoying to be right in the middle of a game and interested in it only to have Greg Gumbel come in and rip it away from you.

11:02 PM: What an idiotic statement by Jim Nantz.  "You wouldn't think you had to play UK and Kansas in the 1st and 2nd round, that sounds like a national semifinal and national championship."  I just trying to figure out why people still put UK on that level or Kansas in the post-Roy era for that matter.  Neither one has necessarily been a world beater in March.

11:30 PM: I've had enough....Florida is now up big and I could really care less about UK-Villanova.  Good night.