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Now I Can Tell You Why They Were in the NIT

I am referring to Clemson and Syracuse who I watched play on ESPN2 last night and quite frankly I was ready to pluck my eyes out of my head. To say this game was a foul fest would be a grotesque understatement. Just to illustrate how much stoppage there was, I began watching the game around 8:40 I think it was and the game was not over for another 45 minutes which is pretty amazing considering there was 5 minutes left when I picked it up! And as though the foul every 10 seconds was not bad enough, here you had Clemson in firm control of the game up 17 only to allow Syracuse back into by (1) Trevor Brooker being so stupid as to hang on the rim following a missed dunk which earned him a technical foul for his troubles and (2) shooting free throws worse than drunken frat boys playing at 2 AM on some poorly lit campus basketball court. I really did not recall Clemson being such a horrible FT shooting team but here they were almost giving the game away.

Oh yeah, Clemson won 74-70 allowing Jim Boeheim even more time to work on his master plan for expanding the NCAA Tournament so he can continue to play St. Mary's School of the Blind and still get into the Big Dance. As for Clemson their quest to bring the NIT Championship back to South Carolina continues unabated.