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Some Final Thoughts on Yesterday's Debacle

  • If you were thinking you had seen this movie before, you had. You could easily call this game Virginia Tech: Part II because the manner in which the final six minutes unfolded was eerily reminiscent of the loss to the Hokies in Chapel Hill. In that game UNC was up seven with six minutes to go and from the point to the end of the game in overtime UNC made a total of three shots from the floor and most of the missed shots were three pointers. That game had a similar ending in regulation with UNC having the ball with roughly 30 seconds left then called timeout to set a play only to settle for a missed three. Tyler Hansbrough's line in that game was almost the same as well. Against VT he was 4-10 from the floor and 14-18 from the FT line. Against the Hoyas, Hansbrough was 6-15 and 14-16.
  • I recall at one point CBS flashing a stat graphic up that UNC was outrebounding the Hoyas 33-17. The final stat ended up being 41-37 in favor of UNC. That means G'town out rebounded UNC 20-8 from that point on.
  • A common thread in UNC tournament losses this deep into the Big Dance is the lack of outside shooting. This was the case in 1997 and 1998 but not so in 1993 and 2005 when they won it all. This regional final was no different. Wayne Ellington was 2-11, Reyshawn Terry was 4-13, and Danny Green was 0-6 including 0-4 from three.
  • UNC shot 35% from the floor while Georgetown shot 57%. The UNC defense was not horrid but the Hoyas made their shots, particularly the three to tie the game which was nothing but clutch.
  • Among the bright spots yesterday was Deon Thompson who was 6-7 from the floor for 14 points and also had six rebounds. His play along with the six rebounds from Alex Stepheson gives us a glimmer of hope about the future of the UNC frontline.