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Tar Heel Fan's ACC Tournament Predictions

This is like playing the lottery.

As much as I could spend analyzing it, I am not sure it would really matter. Every team in this tournament has shown two completely different versions on themselves throughout the season. I would surmise that has not been a shred of season long positive consistency for any team in the field. For UNC, it has been up and down. Virginia, Virginia Tech, and Boston College had all sorts of out-of-conference problems. Maryland and Georgia Tech were horrid early on in the conference schedule. Duke alternating streaks on each side of win-loss column. Clemson was 17-0, some time last year or so it seems. Florida State could have been better, NC State beat Virginia Tech and UNC three out of four times which leaves Wake and Miami both of whom have had their moments. All this really means is I could have my four year old pick the tournament and she would come closer than I probably will.

So without further ado here are my gut picks:

1st Round

#9 Florida State over #8 Clemson
#5 Maryland over #12 Miami
#10 NC State over #7 Duke
#6 Georgia Tech over #11 Wake Forest


#1 North Carolina over #9 Florida State
#5 Maryland over #4 Boston College
#6 Georgia Tech over #3 Virginia Tech
#2 Virginia over #10 NC State


#1 North Carolina over #5 Maryland
#6 Georgia Tech over #2 Virginia


#1 North Carolina over #6 Georgia Tech