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Terry Has Strep; Will Play Friday

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Yes, Reyshawn Terry has strep throat but the good news is he will play this coming Friday against USC. All that basically means is Terry is presently being pumped full of experimental antibiotics which may or may not result is certain unpleasant side effects and a 60 inch vertical leap.

Seriously, his condition actually had me worried a bit. I started having flashbacks to Jeff Lebo playing the 1987 East Regional Final with the flu and shooting 0-5 from beyond the arc. I am convinced at this point, this UNC team is centered on a core of three individuals: Hansbrough, Lawson, and Terry. Wright and Ellington can undoubtedly be huge contributors offensively and Ginyard, Miller, Frasor, Green, and Thompson will also have the roles on both ends, but I think it rises and falls on the backs of the first three, especially Terry since he is can defend and bring all kinds of versatility on offense.

Get well soon, Reyshawn, real soon.