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This Will Be the Last Thing I Have to Say About This

So in the final analysis, most folks seemed to adopt a position akin to my own which was that Henderson was reckless and swung wildly but did not do so with any intent to harm Hansbrough. That being said, it was still a swing of the arm which contacted the face of another player and by definition in warranted an ejection from the game plus the one game suspension that follows. As just so we are clear the following very well respected and well spoken individuals also adopted a similar position:

Mike Kzryzewski(Duke Head Coach)
Roy Williams(UNC Head Coach)
John Swofford(ACC Commissioner)
Adam Gold(850 the Buzz)
Joe Ovies(620 the Bull)
Mark Packer(Primetime with the Packman)
Bill Simmons(The Sports Guy)
Pat Forde(College Basketball Writer,
Caulton Tudor(News and Observer)
Tony Kornheiser(ESPN)
Michael Wilbon(ESPN)

And among the group of people who thought the foul was unintentional and did not warrant an ejection or one game suspension:

Billy Packer(CBS/Raycom Sports/Mr. Cash)

So a big thanks to Billy Packer for confirming to us what we already knew and that he is utterly and painfully clueless. I honestly hope he is assigned to cover any region but the one UNC is in.