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UNC 74 USC 64


I have to put that one up there on the top tier of Tar Heel comebacks. I honestly thought I was watching any number of UNC losses in the NCAA Tournament over the years with little hope of a comeback then all of sudden it happened. The depth factor surprised me but that was actually a follow-up to the fourth foul on USC's Gibson who was so effective in hindering Hansbrough. With Tyler basically relegated to rebounding duty UNC needed a real team effort and they got it. Wright had a monster game. Green has some suspect moments but came up with a huge steal and tip-in. Terry, despite his illness came in and keep them treading water in the first half. But the real star of the game was Marcus Ginyard who posted a double-double and had no less than three clutch baskets. Ginyard started in place of Terry and did not disappoint in the least. He was out there doing the little things which you need to win a game like that.

The Heels advance showing a lot of heart and toughness and on Sunday they will face Georgetown in a rematch of the 1982 title game. We can only hope Fred Brown is somewhere in the building.