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UNC 81 Michigan State 67

Quote of the night from 850 the Buzz blog: my press row compadre`, Bomani Jones just mused, "they are Felton and May. That’s what this has evolved into."

Tyler Hansbrough 33 points, nine rebounds. Ty Lawson 20 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds. Reyshawn Terry 14 points, 12 of UNC's final 23.

On a night where Brandan Wright was muscled out of his game and Michigan State's Drew Neitzel made every effort to light UNC up, it was these three guys who made the plays. Hansbrough was unstoppable, when they got him the ball. In fact I would surmise that most of what we saw during the stretch where the Spartans rallied and took a three point lead was related to the fact UNC was not able to get the ball to Hansbrough and the offense sputtered. Then with about six minutes to go, Terry, who was battling sickness, flipped the switch. Lawson was incredible all game, pushing the ball whenever he could and keeping the Michigan State defense off balanced. It was a tough game and as much as UNC could have let it get away from them like they did against Maryland or Virginia Tech, they did not. The defense has been so active over the past five games and it seems like these young players have finally locked into what Roy wants on the defensive end. They are overplaying the passing lanes and doing a lot of jumping out with psuedo traps at the ball handler. They also seem to be able to really ratchet up the defense when needed. That is what happened tonight and when it came down to the brass tacks, UNC clamped down on the Spartans.

Now it is on to East Rutherford, NJ and a matchup with the winner of the Texas-USC game on Sunday. In the bottom of the bracket, #2 Georgetown will take on #6 Vanderbilt.