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UNC vs Eastern Kentucky: Live Blog

March Madness is here!!! UNC comes into this tournament as a #1 seed which seems to be a prerequisite to a national title considering UNC has not won the championship without being a top seed. As is always the case, UNC should have little trouble with the #16 seed. So away we go:

9:18 PM Okay, we are a little early here.

9:20 PM Just checking out IC and found out Roy Williams sister has passed away. The N&O has very few details but condolences and prayers for Roy and his family.

9:21 PM: The rule is the second game begins 30 minutes after the end of the first one. Right now MSU is on their way to a win over Marquette. Looks like they will be done by about 9:30 which means UNC will hit the court at 10 PM(as I suspected.)

9:22 PM: Duke is in a dogfight with VCU which would be the first real upset of the day. Mich State beating the #8 seed does not really count.

9:28 PM: Duke down by one with under 2 minutes left. The positive thing for them is they just called a timeout and they seem to always score out of the TO.

9:29 PM: Okay, I stand corrected. Duke sucked out of that timeout.

9:31 PM: I see Dick Enberg and Jay Bilas are calling the game in Winston...I actually think that is the best team out there.

9:32 PM: Wow Duke has missed 11 FTs on the evening.

9:33 PM: Scheyer gets hit in the face on the follow through and somehow the announcers have completely avoided talking about Hansbrough.

9:34 PM: Wow...VCU is not backing down.

9:35 PM: Okay, yes McBob was fouled there but good gracious was he overacting with the exaggerated leap forward and scream.

9:36 PM: Uh-oh for the Devils...McBob only makes one of two FTs...VCU can go up by three points with 16 seconds left and does not.

9:37 PM: Holy cow! Duke ties it up and VCU's PG comes down and absolutely drills a 16 footer with 1.8 seconds left. Someone needs to tell VCU that 1.8 seconds is an eternity against Duke.

9:38 PM: Okay, we have had the obligatory Laettner reference.

9:39 PM: DOWN GOES DUKE!!!! Biggest upset of the day so let us all take a few minutes and bask in the demise of Duke's season in the first round on their fourth straight loss.

9:44 PM: Looking like 10:06 PM for the start of the game.

10:00 PM: Mmmmmm....fruity Cheerios

10:02 PM: Watching Indiana-Gonzaga and the Raivio kid for Gonzaga looks like he is about 12. He is going to get carded until he is 40.

10:04 PM: Here we go! This is a home game for UNC which should help on Saturday.

10:05 PM: Not to get ahead but anyone else think it is odd we have to play MSU for the second time in three years.

10:06 PM: Oh man, those WF colors usually set Terry off, he will probably drop 25.

10:08 PM: Nice start for Tyler. I cannot get a good look at the new mask and Ty Lawson for three!

10:09 PM: EK is really good at passing the ball around the perimeter.

10:10 PM: Well of course they counted the basket. If they counted that Fells basket from Sunday when he was fouled, took two steps and then shot and they counted it.

10:11 PM: Wow this got ugly early...I shortchanged the points for UNC tonight.

10:14 PM: UNC up 15-3.

10:15 PM: Okay, Lawson is going to end up hurting a EK player before the night is out. EK can only shoot threes?

10:16 PM: Wow, approx one minute of basketball in between four minutes of commercials. UNC 17 EK High 3

10:19 PM: I am thinking Roy should just go ahead and take the night off. Steve Robinson can handle it from here.

10:20 PM: Dick Enberg Senior Moment #1-Rambling on about the kid wiping up the floor.

10:21 PM: Honestly, is EK capable of shooting inside of the three point line.

10:22 PM: UNC 24-6. Hansbrough must be able to see much better in this mask.

10:23 PM: EK is so completely outclassed here. The question I have is since this game is now essentially over should Roy pull the starters? I wonder what Kzryzewski thinks? Oh, right, he is packing for the off season.

10:24 PM: UNC up 20 or something. 2nd TV timeout.

10:27 PM: EK seems to generally shocked by UNC's speed since they are throwing passes out there like UNC will not pick them off.

10:29 PM: UNC 30 EK 10. Quick poll: Do you think UNC will hit 60 by halftime?

10:30 PM: Ellington seems to be getting more comfortable with shooting and making three pointers while being contested.

10:32 PM: UNC 36 EK 12. I expected domination and I know this is a weak opponent but dang the Heels are looking good.

10:33 PM: The only complaint I think Roy would have is those backdoor cuts and the struggle UNC seems to be having defending that spread court look.

10:38 PM: Wright has been fairly invisible so far.

10:40 PM: EK on a 8-0 run. Someone hold me! Never mind, Wright to the hole for a 41-20 lead.

10:42 PM: I am sure Adam Leonard is thrilled that Dick Enberg is calling him a leprechaun.

10:43 PM: Dick Enberg: "Hard to believe UNC lost six times" Yeah, I know what you mean there Dick.

10:44 PM: Heels have gotten sloppy here and the defense has been a little suspect.

10:45 PM: Here is an issue UNC has had all season and that is getting into stretches where they allow the other team to do what they want without stepping up the defense to shut it down. UNC 41 EK 26

10:48 PM: Five minutes without a basket is far too long.

10:50 PM: Frasor needs to come out and there is absolutely no rebounding.

10:51 PM: EK cuts it to 12.

Here is my problem here. UNC was up and completely destroying this team and they let their foot of the throat. The lack of killer instinct here is disturbing. It is as though they got bored and started playing loose. When things were coming easy, no worries. However, now EK has settled down and instead of working for rebounds and on defense they are sleepwalking out there. A 12 point lead at the half which should be 24 is not a great sign in my opinion. UNC needs to come out the second half and rattle off a 15-2 run and keep pressing it.

11:08 PM:Shut up Seth Davis.

11:16 PM: Okay time to shut this crap down now.

11:19 PM: I still have not figured out what happens to this team that causes them to just go out to lunch. They need to understand that if you let a team like this hang around they start believing they can hang with you when for the first 10 minutes of the game that was not the case. UNC 48 EK 44

11:24 PM: That ugly FT shooting rears it's head.

11:25 PM: Dick Enberg Senior Moment #2: Called Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Carolina

11:26 PM: Got control back appears that I am right in that UNC let up defensively and got way too loose allowing EK to get back in it.

11:32 PM: UNC up 11 halfway through the second half. They will end up winning this thing but I am greatly concerned about the lack of killer instinct.

11:35 PM: Okay CBS decides to show us a game that is NOT UNC!!! Are you freaking kidding me. You want to show the rest of the country that fine but you darn well better send the local feed back to the UNC game.

11:36 PM: Holy cow! They have cut away back to the Xavier-BYU game. Are you kidding me! CBS is sucking big time right now! Geez!

11:38 PM: And of course MMOD says the game is blacked out. This is horrible.

11:39 PM: Now they come back to the game and promise to show us the last 11 seconds of a game with a team up by four. This is absolutely ridiculous to take away the local feed to show another game.

11:40 PM: UNC now up 17, really wish I could have seen how it happened.

11:42 PM: You just have no way of knowing how this bodes for the next round. Could be a wake up call, could be a sign of things to come. UNC up 19 now.

11:46 PM: It would not be the NCAA Tournament without those Masters commercials.

11:47 PM: I tell you what. The people at CBS and WRAL are downright stupid. First I have CBS cutting away to show another game and now for the third time WRAL decides to reduce the screen to half size to show me the lottery numbers.

11:48 PM: Order has now returned since EK got off that hot streak which may have something to do with the fact we decided to play some defense.

11:49 PM: Reyshawn Terry is capable of carrying this team. It does not have to be 20 points a game put 10-12 points in the right spots could save the day down the line.

11:50 PM: Then again Terry seems to have a way of making a bad play right after Jay Bilas and I get done complimenting him.

11:52 PM: Well after a bit of a scare UNC has reasserted itself. I still think the killer instinct is lacking and that 27 point lead they had early should be 35 now. Then again it is one game at a time which means by Saturday what happened today will not matter.

11:55 PM: This can be Reyshawn Terry's tournament. If he keeps doing what is he doing tonight UNC can be very good.

11:56 PM: I can't be sure but I think EK got back to within four at some point early in the 2nd half at least that is what Enberg has said for the 16th time.

11:57 PM: WRAL for the fourth time has reduced the screen size to show the lottery number

11:58 PM: Wow, did not make midnight with this one.