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UNC vs Georgetown: Open Thread

No live blog today because of family obligations but I will put this thread out there for anyone who wants to drop comments. I will update it with my thoughts when I get a chance. So have it...if you are not too anxious to type.


5:49 PM: I have been listening to Woody. Like what I hear so far. UNC is playing well on both ends and Hibbert has two fouls. The play of Thompson and Stepheson has been HUGE. I would love to get this to half time with a 7-10 point lead or more because I am not sure the Hoyas will have the energy to keep up.

6:12 PM: I'll take it. UNC 50 Georgetown 44. A few things really trend well for UNC here. The pace is what UNC wants and the Heels have been able to sub liberally and get contributions from the bench while Hansbrough rested with his two fouls. I have to think G'town will hit the wall midway through the 2nd half. Secondly, UNC has been able to get penetration from Lawson and another big game from Terry so far. The final trend? UNC is 4-0 this season when the opposing coach gets a technical foul. Miami, BC, FSU, and USC.

6:35 PM: Deon Thompson is the man this game.

6:41 PM: UNC up five. I have this feeling UNC is on the edge of putting this game away and cannot quite get to that 12-15 point lead. I have to think the G'town foul trouble will start to create an impact.

6:42 PM: A much as people made of Christian Laettner being perfect from the field in 1992 how about Hansbrough being 10-10 on the line so far in this one?

7:07 PM: UNC got away from getting the ball inside and started settling for threes early in the shot clock. UNC 79 Gtown 78

7:10 PM: HUGE REBOUND FOR HANSBROUGH!!! UNC 81 Gtown 78 with the ball and a minute left.

7:17 PM: Overtime. And it should not be. UNC was up 10 with five to go and they got away from their offense. They started settling for perimeter shots without at least having Hansbrough or Wright touching the ball. Heading into OT the Hoya big men have four fouls. Wright has four and Hansbrough has three.

7:23 PM: That's it guys. The refs are not helping and UNC is ice cold. Choke away a 10 point lead just like against Maryland and Virginia Tech. Down eight with 1:38 left.