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UNC Women Are Final Four Bound

Let me just say that with six minutes to go I was all ready to write that for the men and yes I am having a great deal of difficulty getting past it....anyway.

The UNC women did what the men could not and made their way to the Final Four with a win over Purdue. Now comes the tough part which is beating Tennessee twice in the same season and for a second year in a row in the NCAA Tournament, then possibly facing LSU or Rutgers. LSU is playing some inspired basketball right now despite the fact their coach resigned after it was revealed she had been dating her players a few years back or something like that. Rutgers was also inspired enough to beat Duke whose only loss was against another inspired team, NC State, which ran out of inspiration against UConn who then ran into the aforementioned LSU team summarily whipped the Huskies back to Storrs. Everyone got it?

No game times announced for Sunday but I can only imagine the UNC-UT game will draw the prime slot.