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Walking the Rivalry Tightrope

According to, a handful of NC State fans were so incensed over the Ty Lawson dunk at the end of the ACC Championship that they took to spewing some racial slurs at the freshman's general direction on the fan site "The Wolf Web."

The Wolf Web, which isn't affiliated with the university, contained numerous posts that contained epithets and threatened to lynch University of North Carolina player Ty Lawson, who scored a breakaway slam dunk with 1 second left in UNC's 89-80 victory over N.C. State in the championship game.

Let me first point out the incredible irony of NC State fans using racially charged language and threats when the head coach of the Wolfpack is an African-American. Honestly, how stupid can you be to engage in a kind of vitrol that would be offensive to your own coach and players? Calling Lawson classless for the dunk or complaining that it was showboating is one thing. Granted I find that assessment to be flat wrong but if that is your opinion so be it. However, calling out a player using racially insensitive language is borderline psychotic.

And I know there are NC State fans out there who have common sense and like me are capable of putting aside the rivalry in order to see the opposing coaches and players in a positive light. That is the high road and while NC State may be a rival, I also happen to like Sidney Lowe as a coach and think he has done an excellent job. Even where Duke is concerned, as much as I dislike Mike Krzyzewski for in number of issues, I do acknowledge what the facts confirm and that is he is one of the best basketball coaches in the history of the game.

The point is there is a fine line between the passions of the heart and intellectual honesty. Anyone incapable of walking that line really should relax a little bit.

Hat tip to reader C.Michael for this one.