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What A Shame

...that O.J. Mayo is not already at USC so we could take the opportunity to shred this classless, poor excuse for a person in full view of the nation. AOL Fanhouse has a video, which I will not show here, of Huntington, WV senior O.J. Mayo's last home game. Mayo, who is committed to USC, throws the ball off the backboard, catches it for the dunk, then takes the ball and throws into the stands garnering him a technical foul with an ejection. And Mayo could really care less since he proceeds to parade around the court playing to the crowd eventually returning to the bench receiving hugs from his teammates while the crowd goes completely bonkers. The most disturbing part of the video, as AOL points out, is none of the coaches made any kind of effort to discipline Mayo for his actions. It is bad enough this kid walks around believing his own hype but for him to show complete disregard for the rules of the game and behave in such a self absorbed manner without a single objection from his coaches is beyond the pale.

So, Tim Floyd enjoy putting up with this arrogant, self-important, self-promoting, classless individual on your team next season since it is clear O.J. Mayo is a island unto himself.