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What About the Children?!?!

Let me be clear this is not an effort to pile on NC State but I caught this video over at 850 the Buzz today and it reminded me of..well me...when I was younger. In the video, the little guy is being told that NC State lost to North Carolina in the ACC title game. His reaction was quite impressive. As a matter of confession, I cannot say I was much better in my youth. In fact I distinctly remember being so upset over the Tar Heels loss to Arkansas during the 1983-84 season that my father told me if I did not start accepting UNC losses better then they would stop me from watching UNC games altogether. I think it worked because I do remember coming into my parents' bedroom and asking my mother if UNC had beaten Indiana the night before, she told me they did not, I think I only cried a little.

Note: The video has been removed from You Tube for reasons not immediately clear. A brief description is that it shows a small child who was told UNC beat NC State and he first says "No" then immediately begins uncontrollable sobbing.