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Wright Wins ROY; UVa's Leitao COY; BC's Dudley POY

Well I am glad to see the late season Javris Critteton love fest which seemed to be gripping the media did not extend to the ROY voting. Wright becomes the second straight Tar Heel to win the ROY and unless William Graves comes out as a world beater next season someone else will get the award next year. Wright averaged 14.9 ppg and 6.3 rpg and finished well ahead of GT's Critteton and NC State's Brandon Costner who was a dark horse favorite since he led all rookies in scoring and rebounding. I think the fact Wright was such an effective interior player while playing with Tyler Hansbrough was impressive.

Virginia's Dave Leitao was named Coach of the Year for UVa's surprising 11-5 finish in the ACC. I think this was the right call, in fact he almost won last season for getting UVa up to 7th when they were predicted to finish 12th. This season they were tabbed 8th and ended up tied for first. The thing I find the most humorous about the COY pick is that it is usually predicated on the media being egregiously wrong about how they picked the teams. Looking at the voting for COY, it was between Maryland's Gary Williams, VT's Seth Greenberg, and Leitao. These three teams were picked 7th, 6th, and 8th respectively but ended up 5th, 3rd, and tied for 1st. Which just goes to prove that the media usually picks the COY based on which coach does the best job of proving their predictions wrong. I actually think BC's Al Skinner should have garnered some attention since he lost two key players, had some bad losses in the out-of-conference schedule and still had them in position to tie for first on the last day of the regular season.

Of course, Jared Dudley being POY probably had a lot to do with that. I think you could have made a spirited debate for Zabian Dowdell as POY as well given how important he was to VT's success. The difference is that Dudley really had to carry BC after the Sean Williams suspension and it also seems like such things get locked up mid-season with the media voters.