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Apparently There is a Hanging on the Net Epidemic

Winning the Turnover Battle(hat tip Deadspin) delved into the Google Patent Search and found some fabulous sports inventions which will never see the light of day including a "no hang basketball net" which apparently will prevent thousands of playground basketball hoops from having their nets ripped down my wayward youth. Obviously the lack of nets on basketball hoops around the country is so daunting we needed to invent a net which does not hang down despite the fact that (1) The goal will continue to look naked since the net will not be hanging down and (2) Having played basketball enough I can safely say that not having a net hanging down really hinders your perception of the goal itself from certain angles.

And I would also point out that most playground lack nets because the weather dry rots the twine and they get ripped off from shear wear, not because people pull on them.