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Caulton Tudor Needs A History Lesson

Caulton Tudor registered his two cents on the 18 game ACC basketball schedule(two days after it hit the news cycle I might add) and in doing so he gave us a standard treatise about why the coaches do not like it but why it will inevitably happen, etc, etc, etc. However the portion of the article that caught my eye was this:

And winning conference games in the ACC isn't easy. The perfect example last season was Duke, which lost 11 games overall but only twice to nonconference opponents.

Lose enough ACC conference games and anyone could become the next Matt Doherty or Pete Gillen.

Can I just go ahead, call Tudor out right now and ask that he offer any evidence he has which shows Matt Doherty was asked to resign because of his win-loss record in the ACC?

Doherty was not forced out at UNC for losing too many conference games. Doherty was forced out because he exhibited a serious deficiency in his people skills. Doherty alienated so many people, including current players with his coaching style, that transfer threats began flying around and Dick Baddour asked for Doherty's resignation. Doherty's ouster, unlike Pete Gillen's, had nothing to do with his record.

It seems a bit disingenuous on Tudor's part to lump Doherty in with Gillen as a someone who lost his job because he did not win enough ACC games when it is well known that was not what happened four years ago.