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Georgia Tech: Ruh-Roh!

At least I can imagine that is the general feel for Yellow Jacket Nation as Javaris Critteton makes the monumental mistake of leaving his name in the NBA Draft. Looking at some of the mock drafts out there no one has him in the lottery and at least two have in at 22nd. had him at 15th but it is clear as a bell to me that Critteton is going to miss out on a better pay day next year despite the fact that draft will be rich with point guards.

As for the ACC this defection hurts GT in a lot of ways because the difference between the top and bottom tiers of the ACC is usually found at the PG slot. Looking at last season you had UNC, UVa, VT, BC, Maryland, and GT finish in the top six. All of those teams had great play at the point. NC State, based on their play with a healthy Engin Atsur, showed they could have been upper tier. Duke, Clemson, Florida State, Wake Forest, and Miami all had suspect play at the one spot and they struggled mightily in conference play.