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NCAA Moves Three Point Line Back

But not until 2008-09 when it will be set at 20 feet 9 inches a full foot further back than it has been for the past 20 years.

According to the article the rlyule change has most received a favorable review. Jim Boeheim who, at this point in his career seems to complain about everything the NCAA does, wanted both the line moved back and the lane widened since the longer three point distance opens up more room for post players to work since it stretches the man-to-man defense. Apparently Tennessee's Bruce Pearl is upset with the rule change probably because that means he might actually have to go out and recruit a post player instead of bombing threes all game long. Pearl did point out that zone defenses will likely become more prevalent since a longer distance should produce lower shooting percentages and make busting the zone more difficult. I agree with new Texas A&M coach Mark Turgeon when he says this rule change will make shot selection more important and Charlotte's Bobby Lutz who expects a more open game as well as mid-range jumpers being the shot of choice.

As for the impact on the Heels, since we have no idea who will be suiting up in 2008-09 there is no way to gauge the effect it will have.e UNC teams in general and particularly the national contender versions, tend to be good but not lights out three point shooting teams. On one hand if it opens the floor up more, invites more mid-range jumpers, and assists the post play then I would really like to see it adopted for next season since that is precisely the kind of setup the 07-08 Heels would thrive under. I also think UNC's style of play will continue in this manner so this might benefit the Heels in the long run. And yes like most UNC fans I am sick and tired of seeing the Heels browbeat by a hot three point shooting team because for some reason or another we have been wholly inept at defending this shot over the last 20 years. Perhaps this will cut down on that somewhat though given the frequency of man-to-man Roy likes to play, it will create more of a challenge the UNC defensively.