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And the Commonwealth Sighed

Sean Singletary has decided to return to UVa instead of enter the NBA Draft or go to the NBDL. Singletary was projected as a second round pick and while the NBDL would have been tempting, he obviously made the best decision to come back and play his senior season. This is also a boon for the ACC because it keeps another quality PG in the conference and am I really hoping when the schedule comes out it will have UNC and UVa playing twice just so we can get Ty Lawson vs Sean Singeltary.

Meanwhile in Atlanta the news was not so good. Thaddeus Young opted to stay in the NBA Draft. This means Georgia Tech loses two key players off an NCAA Tournament team from last season. Of course if you are listening to Andy Katz, he is out there telling us this is no big deal:

Georgia Tech: OK, so on paper, the assumption is that Georgia Tech will take a hit with the early departures of Javaris Crittenton and Young. But that doesn't seem to be the case in Atlanta.

Really? How do you figure that. Crittenton and Young were potential first team All-ACC so how do you figure this is not going to hurt the Jackets?

Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt is still quite confident about next season with the return of Lewis Clinch, who played in only 14 games last season due to eligibility issues, and the return of every other key personnel outside of Mario West. So take the top two scorers off a team that made the NCAA Tournament, add a No. 3 scorer in Clinch and a recruiting class that adds depth at the point (Maurice Miller), shooting guard (Lance Storrs) and power forward (Gani Lawal), and the Yellow Jackets still have the talent to compete for a top-five finish in the ACC.

I was horrible at math in school but even I know that does not add up. One reason is Lewis Clinch was not that prolific of a scorer last season. In fact when GT made their run late in the season which included beating UNC in Atlanta they did so without Clinch. So I am not sure what illicit drugs Katz is using to think they can lose Critteton's offensive production which includes points, assists, and the speed to break down a defense plus an athlete like Young and replace them with Clinch and still be at the same level. If you also consider of the three recruits Katz says will add depth, only one(Lawal) is ranked in the top 100 by and not that highly.

Here is something to consider from Hewitt: Look at the numbers from reserve forward Alade Aminu down the stretch last season. He scored 17 points in 21 minutes in a loss to Wake Forest in the ACC tournament and then 11 points in the NCAA tourney loss to UNLV. If he keeps up that kind of production, then it certainly will help offset the loss of Young.

Yeah, okay, I am sure Yellow Jacket fans are resting comfortably knowing that Alade Aminu is their hope for next season in Young's stead. Of course UNC came in with far less two seasons ago but the coach, the recruiting class, and the senior leader were are a step ahead of what GT has coming.