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Brandan Wright Opts For Solo Celtics Workout[UPDATED]

UPDATE: I emailed Draft Express and asked how common it was for potential draft picks to pursue solo workouts. They were kind of enough to respond and as it turns out, Giglio is pretty close to the mark with his assertion:

It happens occasionally that a prospect like Wright refuses to do competitive workouts, but its not really something that is accepted. Note that this year it is becoming more en vogue, as we find Wright, Horford, Julian Wright, Yi Jianlian and Conley Jr. not doing competitive stuff, which is pretty rare. Last year LaMarcus Aldridge and Tyrus Thomas didn't do anything competitive either, so its not like Wright is really doing something incredibly unique. It could backfire on him, since many already question his competitive fire, his intensity, his ability to deal with contact against NBA players, and his jump-shot (its obviously easier to hit wide open ones than being guarded by a Joakim Noah for example)

We know Wright's ability or willingness to handle contact was a huge question mark since as late as the Michigan State game in the NCAA Tournament he was neutralized by physical post play. His effort on defense was a work in progress most of the season and we never saw Wright take jumpers because it was largely unnecessary. The one thing that bothers me about the whole situation is that it seems like the deeper we go into the process, the more it appears Wright could really use one more season at UNC. This is the truly worrisome aspect of the NBA Draft, the drafting on potential not established bona fides. At any rate it is water under the bridge and here's hoping Wright can prove these assertions wrong.


According to ACC Now, Wright wants to do a solo workout for the Boston Celtics instead of doing so with other potential draft picks. JP Giglio thinks Wright is doing it to avoid a challenge or perhaps for lack of interest in being the Celtics pick:

No Joakim Noah, or anyone else, allowed. That doesn't sound like someone interested in a challenge, or for that matter, someone interested in being the fifth pick.

I am going to disagree with Giglio because I have no idea what the standard practice is on this. I know that Oden and Durant will probably workout alone for both Portland and Seattle. Granted their case is somewhat different but I was under the impression that most these potentially higher draft picks tend to do a solo workouts with team. I am not sure it is about the challenge or his desire to be the fifth pick, I would interested to see how common this is during the draft process.