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But What About Reyshawn Terry?

I just realized that I have been far too Brandan Wright focused here. There is another Tar Heel in this draft in the person of Reyshawn Terry who impressed some folks at Orlando. From David Glenn:

He joined Dudley as a top performer in Orlando, showcasing his versatile offensive game of 3-pointers, mid-range jumpers and drives to the hoop. Unlike the overwhelming majority of projected draft picks, Terry was not the best player on his college team, and he played a complementary role at UNC while deferring to Wright, Tyler Hansbrough and others. Nevertheless, Terry’s pre-draft workouts certified him as a sure-fire pick, and even a possibility for the (late) first round.

And according to the WSJ, Terry thinks he will be drafted:

Terry, a 6-8 forward, will now rest and wait until Thursday when the NBA Draft will take place. He has received no assurance from any team that it will take him in the two rounds, but he’s confident that someone will pick him after his performances in the workouts.

"I’m definitely going to be drafted," Terry said. "That’s not even a question."

I think most people would agree Terry has the skills for the NBA as well as the body. He is extremely athletic, does a great job on defense and rebounds. The issue you get with Terry is his decision making, which if you go back and read any number of live blogs here at THF you will see several instances where I nearly threw the laptop against the wall over some boneheaded play. That being said, Terry was huge in the ACC Championship and NCAA Tournament despite being sick in the 2nd Round and Sweet 16. It also should be noted that I would have been more comfortable with him taking the three against Georgetown at the end of regulation than Ellington. So, on one level I think he has a decent killer/clutch instinct. On the other hand he does tend to commit the stupid foul or turnover. It will all come down to how he did in the non-basketball portion of his workout and what kind of impression he made.

I hope he does well since he gave up a lot taking a backseat to the younger players on the team this past season.