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CWS: #2 UNC 7 #3 Rice 4


When Rice smacked UNC all over the field to the tune of 14-4 on Sunday night and sent them to the loser's bracket it seemed doubtful they could come back to reach the title series. Then the pitching showed up and held Louisville to one run, Rice to one run in the first game, and tonight Adam Warren, Rob Wooten, and Andrew Caringan gave up four runs as UNC closed out Rice and earned a rematch against Oregon State. In essence this was a three game version of the Tar Heel rallies we have seen during some of the earlier games in the Regional and Super Regional. UNC was faced with elimination for three games and in each game they never looked rattled. The resurgence of dominating pitching made all the difference and tonight UNC got four home runs.

So UNC now faces an Oregon State team which almost did not make the NCAA Tournament. That matters very little since they are in the title series proving they are capable of defending their title. UNC will look to extend the great hitting and pitching in hopes of closing the deal this time and winning their first national title in baseball.