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Filed under: Doesn't Like Brandan Wright

If you have read any draft coverage on you quickly realize that alleged NBA Draft guru Chad Ford as well as Bill Simmons do not like Brandan Wright as witnessed by the following quip in yesterday's Interactive Mock Draft(which I refuse to link per policy):


Chad Ford selects: Brandan Wright, PF, North Carolina

Michael Jordan is on the clock.

"Michael? Michael?"

Someone call the golf course ...

"Oh, Michael there you are. Who are you taking in the NBA draft?"

"The what?"

"The NBA draft tomorrow."

"It's tomorrow?"

"Yeah. Who do you like?"

"I like the big, athletic kid who's really raw, refuses to rebound and has his motor running on idle for 30 minutes a night."

"You mean Brandan Wright or Kwame Brown?"

First of all, I have commented myself on the lack of effort from Wright but I also stated that I thought he improved in this area. I also think there are legitimate issues he has to work on like free throws and a 10-15 foot jumper. And I think everyone knows he is raw and has lots of upside. That is the reason he came out early because the so called experts out there told him he was a lottery pick and the NBA drafts on potential. The thing that miffs me about Ford and Simmons here, and in other articles I have read, is they seemingly have chosen Wright as the draft pick they use for jokes. How can they reasonably compare him to Kwame Brown considering he has yet to play a game in the NBA? How is it these guys already proclaim that Wright is a bust when he is being drafted on potential and by their own admission the draft is a crapshoot? These are cheap shots leveled at a 19 year old by a two columnists who I bet have watched about as much UNC basketball this past season as Tar Heel Wife did.

I just find the way they present Wright to be wholly unprofessional and intellectually dishonest considering the unpredictability of the draft as well as the propensity of picks based on raw potential. I can only hope Wright turns into a solid player just so I can trot this post back out and laugh at these two so called experts.