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Lebron was Jordanesque

As a Tar Heel Fan I use the term very, very cautiously. While the media is ready to anoint anyone who comes along as the next MJ I tend to want to see some freaking proof. Well, Lebron James presented Exhibit A on behalf of his case last night by scoring 48 points on the road in a double overtime win over Detroit to take a 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals. What's more than that he scored the Cavs' last 25 points and 29 of the final 30 in the 4th quarter and overtime. In fact James only missed three shots over the final 18 minutes of play and the shots he did make were utterly ridiculous including a three to tie the game at 107 and then beat the Detroit defense to hit the game winning layup with 2 seconds left.

I have not been an NBA fan since Jordan retired but play like that is enough to make me watch a little more often.