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Like most UNC fans I like Rasheed Wallace as a player. Wallace plays great defense, hits big shots, and is generally a good NBA player. That being said, during Game 6 last night in a loss to Cleveland Wallace received his seventh technical of the 16 playoff games this season and had there been a Game 7 he would have been suspended for it. In general he is probably the worst former Tar Heel basketball player in terms of representing UNC in the NBA. Not that he has one shred of obligation to represent UNC but in one respect it also creates an interesting dilemma among UNC fans who are often deal with the criticisms from rival fans for things former players might do. As much as we love to talk about Michael Jordan for his accomplishments on the court as arguably the best player to ever lace up sneakers, there is also some negative aspects of his persona which are harped on by Duke or NC State fans. For the most part UNC alumni in the NBA have been some of the most productive and positive members of the league. However given the sheer number of UNC players in the pros over the last 40-50 years it is inevitable there are going to be some bad moments and bad eggs along the way.

So in respect to Rasheed let me just say, he is what he is and while we all wish he would learn to carry himself in a more responsible manner on the court in an effort represent UNC better, it could be worse, he could think he is amphibious.