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The NBA Draft Workouts

David Glenn(as always) has extensive coverage on the ACC entrants in the NBA Draft and how they all did at the workouts in Orlando. These are the same workouts where Texas' Kevin Durant failed to bench 185 lbs once which has become somewhat of a big deal although I think it shouldn't be given his skill package in general. Incidentally Brandan Wright managed to get the bar up twice and Reyshawn Terry did 18 reps at 185. Other tidbits included the fact Wright was actually measured at 6-10 instead of the 6-9 he is listed at. Terry recorded a 37.5 inch vertical leap and Wright's was measured at 35.5 inches. No shock there given some of the dunks and blocks we saw from these two. Body fat percentage was also measured with Wright showing a downright skinny 5.8% and Terry only slightly higher at 8.9%. The surprise number among ACC players came from Duke's Josh McRoberts who was at 13.7%. Glenn points out that McBob had his conditioning altered by back surgery after last season and despite leading the Devils in minutes was not in great shape. I would have to say, looking back at Duke games, this is really evident. Duke had so many games they allowed to slip away because they basically ran out of gas because their depth was lacking. If McBob was out of shape that goes a long way to explain why he was simply so bad last season at points.

Glenn also notes that Wright is scheduled to work out with Atlanta, Memphis, and Boston all whom I think are going to pass on him leaving him for Milwaukee at #6. In many respects this bothers me because one of the main reasons given for Wright going now was that he would be at worst top five and should actually be #3. The logic went that there was little difference between being #3 and #2 or #1 so Wright should go ahead. Now it would appear he is going to end up at #6 at best which is a huge difference from the #1 he could be in 2008 were he to return to Chapel Hill for one more season and hopefully a national title. In my opinion this is the one negative about the entry deadline coming before the lottery. Now Wright could have refrained from hiring an agent and left his options open but still, at the point when he needs to make "the decision" he is really lacking the information he needs to make the best decision. Football is not encumbered in this way. By the time the bowl season ends in January the NFL regular season is over and the draft order, based on records not a lottery, has been determined. Granted a lot of things go into how that draft shakes out so early entry decisions are not really impacted but in basketball I wonder if we would see fewer or more entries if the draft order was known when the initial decision to enter had to be made.