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The USC Back-to-Back Title Lie

I was watching SportsCenter last night on ESPN and they were discussing recent California based championships in connection with Anaheim winning the Stanley Cup. Among the teams they showed were USC and said the Trojans won back-to-back college football national titles for the 2003 and 2004 seasons. This is actually untrue. USC was voted #1 in the AP poll which is considered a national championship but they did not even play in the BCS title game that season. LSU beat Oklahoma to win that game and won the BCS Championship which also granted them the #1 ranking in the coaches poll(which is sponsored by ESPN.)

So basically what ESPN is saying is that the poll they sponsor which, according to contract, voted LSU #1 in January, 2005 was actually wrong. By referring to USC as the national champion in 2005 they are tossing the coaches poll and BCS title out the window by giving full deference to the AP poll. The problem with that is for better or worse the BCS system is the method for crowing a national champion in college football not the writer's poll. I think it is highly irresponsible for ESPN to forward the idea that USC was back-to-back national champions in football without qualifying the statement and noting that the first title came from the writer's poll.

Then again someone else has already been fighting this battle for years.