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Wright to Charlotte; Terry Still Waiting(Live Blog!)

Okay, I have NBA Live 2006 on my PC and the first thing I did was takeover the Charlotte Bobcats and trade all the players until I assembled a starting lineup which included Raymond Felton, Sean May, Rasheed Wallace, Marvin Williams and a custom player using my name. Michael Jordan is doing the same thing with the real Bobcats apparently. Charlotte takes Brandan Wright eighth overall and that makes him the 3rd Tar Heel taken by the Bobcats in the past three years. Of course we also need to wait and see how the evening shakes out here since Rick Bonnell at the Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Bobcats may be shopping Wright, possibly as part of that rumored Kevin Garnett to Phoenix deal which is close to having involved every team in the NBA at this point.

9:45 PM: At this point Reyshawn Terry has not been taken which is not really surprise. He was slotted as late 1st round at the highest. As far as surprises go, the biggest one for me is Philadelphia taking Georgia Tech's Thaddeus Young at #12. I think Young is a good player but I am not sure he is lottery material at this point.

9:49 PM: Wow. Charlotte takes Jared Dudley? I tell you MJ is making it tough to pull for Charlotte. I like the Heels who play there, I like Okafor but I am not real high on Adam Morrison and now he grabs Jared Dudley who I never liked.

9:53 PM: Laugh line of the night: Spike Lee says "Isiah Thomas knows what he is doing" Whatever dude.

10:00 PM: Portland has gone nuts here. They are trading players left and right. Be ashamed if they accidentally traded Oden for Spencer Hawes in all their dealing.

10:17 PM: Milwaukee picked the Chinese guy at #6 and he might not want to go there. Talk about being screwed.

10:45 PM: Josh McRoberts has fallen out of the first round. Jay Bilas is pimping him like nobody's business. I actually had hope that the Sixer were going to take McBob so they could have both of Duke's slow, white, big men who became huge busts.

10:47 PM: Wow...Charlotte wants to send Wright to Golden State for Jason Richardson. Stephen A. Smith just called the move "stupid." Since I think Smith is a moron I will pass on that opinion. Mark Jackson on the other hand says it does not make any sense so I will accept that one.

10:50 PM: I wonder if there is a chance McBob goes undrafted. It shouldn't happen but if it did, it would be pretty funny.

10:55 PM: I like the 2 mins between picks. I like that Dick Vitale has apparently gone to bed. If someone could sedate SAS, that would be great.

10:56 PM: Bilas just compared Glen Davis to Oprah in terms of his inability to keep weight off.

11:02 PM: McBob goes to Portland at 37th. Nice gig for him going to a team with tons of upside. Either that or he ends up being trade bait later on given the Blazers propensity to trade players. Oden and McBob have played together in high school.

11:15 PM: Life must suck for Taurean Green. Chris Richard gets taken before him.

11:16 PM: David Noel went at 37 last year so Terry has gone past that.

11:18 PM: Wright is heading for Golden State.

11:20 PM: Katz talking to Wright now. He likes the up tempo in GS which he should be used to since Roy likes to push the ball.

11:23 PM: YEAH! Terry goes to Orlando.  Of course that also means he could end up being teammates with J.J. Redick.  Maybe he will let J.J. hold his 2005 national championship ring.  No guaranteed contract for a 2nd rounder so now Terry has to go work hard and get himself a deal.

11:25 PM: And unless something else breaks I am done here.  Good night.