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Wright Traded to Golden State; Terry Traded to Dallas[UPDATED]

So this is how it all shook out. Brandan Wright was initially drafted by Charlotte but by the end of the evening he was traded to Golden State which is probably fine for Wright given the up-tempo style they play. The problem with the trade from the Charlotte side is, according 850's blog, Richardson is owed $51 million which is a rather huge slice to take on. At any rate, Wright now follows the path of Antawn Jamison who was drafted by Toronto but traded to Golden State for UNC teammate Vince Carter back in 1998.

Reyshawn Terry had to wait all the way to pick #44 to hear his name called. Terry is heading to Orlando where he gets to team up J.J Redick that is assuming he makes it through camp and gets a contract. Maybe while he is there he can give J.J. some pointers on making shots in big games

UPDATE: Terry has apparently been traded to Dallas which I missed because I wrote my post before checking any other websites besides 850's. Considering Dallas is a very good team and also has Jerry Stackhouse, hopefully Terry can get a spot.