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Boston College Got Hosed

By the schedule makers that is. Carolina March has laid out who is NOT playing who this season and the one that strikes me the most is Boston College:

Boston College doesn't play the dregs of the Coastal - Duke, North Carolina and Virginia. Not a promising start for the Eagles.

Based on the ACC Media predictions which may turn out to be complete horse manure, BC lines up against the top three teams from the Coastal: Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Miami. BC is also in the Atlantic which, in my opinion, rates as the toughest of the two. That means BC will face FSU, Clemson, Wake Forest, Maryland, and NC State plus the aforementioned heavyweights from the Coastal. If the ACC gets eight bowl bids then it is possible that the Eagles could play seven of their eight ACC games against a bowl team. That does not bode well for BC. Good thing they have the best QB in the league.