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Joe Dailey is a Funny Guy

From ACC Now:

North Carolina senior Joe Dailey is keeping his arm in shape, but now that he's switched from quarterback to wideout, he's not sure if he'll toss any touchdowns as a receiver this season.

"You may or may not see it,’’ Dailey said at Sunday's ACC Football Kickoff, grinning. "I haven’t been known for many touchdowns, but I’ve been known for a lot of completions — to wide receivers, and to opposing teams. I’ve got a great completion percentage, not always to the right guys."

The former Nebraska signal caller threw seven touchdowns but 10 interceptions as a part-time starter at QB last season. As a sophomore, he tossed 19 INTs.

Yeah...if they decide to use some kind of trick play which involves Dailey passing the football and he throws another interception, I will not be amused.