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The Only Thing That Keeps UNC Out of Sixth... the fact we happen to be in the same division as Duke.

You even wonder why the ACC does not have their pre-season media meetings in Raleigh or Charlotte? It likely has something to do with extracurricular activities and this year it was held in Pinehurst. That in itself is funny because there is only one reason you go to Pinehurst and it is not for the view. At any rate, following these meetings the ACC media has concluded that Virginia Tech will win the ACC Championship in football. The ACC media, who apparently did a good job not listening to anyone at the AJC, put Georgia Tech second in the Coastal Division behind the Hokies followed by Miami, Virginia, UNC, and Duke. The fifth place for UNC seems about right though if they can get their act together I think UVa might be ripe for the picking to move up to fourth.

In the Atlantic Division, Florida State was tabbed followed by Boston College, Clemson, Wake Forest, Maryland and NC State. You could also rename this the Disrespect Division since it would appear that BC, Wake and the Pack are slotted lower than perhaps they should be. BC returns a great QB and Steve Logan is the OC now which, in my opinion, makes them awfully dangerous. The Deacs win the ACC last season and they still get no respect. As for NC State, I think they could be better than sixth but then again the Atlantic is loaded so perhaps they are not being disrespected as one might think.

Football season begins in 40 days.