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Wayne Ellington Injured

Wayne Ellington sprained his right shoulder in the first game against Uruguay at the Pan Am Games and has not played since. From a moderator at Inside Carolina:

Wayne Ellington did miss the USA team's Thursday game at the Pan Am Games, but according to the USA Basketball staff it is not a serious injury.

He has suffered a sprained right shoulder and the USA Basketball staff told me he is listed as "day to day" moving forward. It's undetermined whether he will play in tonight's game against Argentina.

The shoulder sprain occurred when he ran into a screen in the first quarter of Wednesday's game vs. Uruguay and he played sparingly from then on, totaling just 10 minutes of playing time overall.

That would explain why he played just 10 minutes and only took two shots in the first game.

The US is 1-2 thus far in the Pan Am Games and has been eliminated from medal contention.