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Well At Least They Are Upstanding Citizens

From Caulton Tudor at the N&O:

PINEHURST - There are 102 people on the ACC's football officiating roster and about 70 on the league's list of basketball refs.

All have undergone what commissioner John Swofford terms an extensive character check by an investigative service hired by the conference.

Yet Swofford worries.

Amid allegations that NBA official Tim Donaghy is the subject of an FBI gambling probe, these are restless days in the sports world. Donaghy is the son of former ACC basketball official Gerald Donaghy.

"It scares you to death," Swofford said. "You hope and pray, and do everything humanly possible to try to get the very best, most upright people you can. The integrity of sports rests with the people in charge of presiding over the games and in charge of making sure it's a fair game.

Just so we are crystal clear. When ACC officials make horrendous calls it is not because they are cheaters and on the take. It is because they are incompetent.

I suppose it is better than nothing.